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Main Background
Admirals Gambit
Admiral's Gambit (A Spineward Sectors Novel)

When he set course for 'civilized space', Jason Montagne thought he'd finally be able to take a deep breath and hand off sole responsibility for patrolling the border of unknown Space to the 'real' Confederation fleet.
Admiral Who
Admiral Who: Spineward Sectors Series Book 1

When the man handed him the keys and took off, no one expected Prince-Cadet Jason Montagne to act like a real admiral, least of all himself.
Admirals Trial
Admiral's Trial (A Spineward Sectors Novel)

Bound, Tortured and eventually Gagged during the trial of his life, it soon becomes abundantly clear that no one wants to hear what Jason Montagne (the media's newly minted 'Tyrant of Cold Space) has to say in his own defense. Pirate kings, power-hungry ambassadors and scheming sector officials are all determined to bend him to their will.
Admirals Lady
Admiral's Lady: Eyes of Ice, Heart of Fire (A Spineward Sectors Novella)

People always told Akantha what was expected of her. Hemmed in at every turn and surrounded by suitors who were far from suitable, her Uncle wanted her to take a man as her Protector, her people wanted her ready to lead, and her bodyguard wanted her to stay safe inside the citadel.
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